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Do your children really know what you want when you die? Probably not.

Often, Estate Planning clients tell me they do not need a Power of Attorney, a Living Will, or a Disposition of Last Remains because their children know what they want when they are sick, or when they die.

After experiencing sudden loss in my own family, I can tell you, your children may have an idea of what you wanted to have happen after your death, but they probably do not know all of your wishes. Having your wishes written down, so your children do not have to guess what you would have wanted, is a gift. The more you can outline for your children the better.

My mother lost her parents when she was in her 20s, and she spoke all of the time about what would happen when she died. Unfortunately, because she did not write down her wishes, we were still left guessing at her death. She picked a dress she wanted to be buried in, but she also told us she wanted to be cremated. Did she want a viewing? Did she actually want to be buried? What kind of service should we plan for her? Honestly, we did not even know where she wanted her remains to end up.

The Law Firm of Jennifer S. McDonald, LLC can help you answer some of these questions for your children. A living will can help your children make better choices about your medical care, knowing your wishes if you are incapacitated. A Disposition of Last Remains is a legal document where you can outline some of your wishes for your body after your death.

We would like to help you think through some of these questions, and help you prepare your loved ones for your death. Having a loved one die is a very difficult time, and providing written concrete answers can prevent your loved ones from second guessing their decisions about your care and your final memorialization.

Give us a call today if you would like to discuss the gift of estate planning for your family 720-345-2867.

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