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Do you need a will?

Every adult would benefit from having a will. A will is a gift to your family as it provides them guidance on your wishes after your death. A will is designed to outline what happens with your probate estate (items like your house, your car, your bank accounts) after your death.

You will name a Personal Representative to be in charge of distributing your assets. If you are a parent, you will also have the opportunity to name guardians for your minor children. Most parents want the ability to say what happens to their children if they pass away. A will gives you the ability to say who your children will live with if you die. A will can also include a contingent trust, which will give you the chance to say who is in charge of taking care of your money until your children are old enough to take care of it themselves.

A will can also give you the opportunity to state who is in charge of your digital assets and accounts after you pass away. This will give you the opportunity to name someone who can manage your social media accounts, as well as things like online accounts.

A will is only good if you die. Most people also have periods of incapacity in their lives, so it is important to talk to your estate planning attorney about getting Power of Attorney documents drafted.

Please contact our office if you have questions or are interested in setting up an estate plan.

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Wills and Estate Planning


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