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What happens at a Permanent Orders Hearing?

Jennifer McDonald discusses what happens at a Permanent Orders hearing for divorce and child custody cases in the State of Colorado.

A permanent orders hearing is your final hearing in a divorce or child custody case. The hearing is your opportunity to present your case to the judge and have them decide the outcome. Going to Court for a permanent orders hearing is necessary in cases were the parties cannot come to agreements on their own. At the end of the hearing, the judicial officer will issue final Permanent Orders that will act as the rules you must follow after your divorce or custody case is over.

Jennifer McDonald handles all aspects of divorce cases and child custody cases, including permanent orders hearings, in Denver, Centennial, Douglas County, Arapahoe County, and various other counties throughout the State of Colorado.

If you have any questions about going to a permanent orders hearing, or questions about how a dissolution of marriage or allocation of parental responsibilities case is finalized in Colorado, contact us today.

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